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I have some of this stuff, but I think educational degrees do a very poor job of defining me as a teacher.

Mr. Glen Tiderman

Please see Teams for assignments.

AP-Stats students and parents.  This class is taught with the singular goal of passing the AP Statistics test in the spring with an emphasis on reading, assessing, strategizing and solving statistical problems in context.  It will require time studying and working outside of class, especially if a student intends to take the AP test.  I encourage all students who take my class to take the AP test, however it is not mandatory that they do so.  Concurrent credit is not offered by me.  A graphing calculator will be required for this class.  I have a class set, but I recommend students have their own as I do not have many loaner calculators.  The TI-84CE is the calculator we'll be using in class.  If you do not have a graphing calculator, I suggest purchasing one in August.  Many large stores discount them in the early weeks of August.  Sadly these discounts always pass before the start of school.  It does not have to be a TI-84.  A TI-83, 89, Inspire or Casio graphing calculators have all been used successfully in the past.  I may be less able to assist with these choices however.  Find notes and assignment information attached to Teams.  
Intermediate Algebra.  This is a new class for me this year.  The focus of the class is to review and improve student's algebra and trigonometry skills so they can successfully move on to the next level of math.  You can find assignments for the class on Teams.  I look forward to teaching this class because I would have benefitted greatly from a stronger understanding of algebra before I entered my post-secondary education.  I hope it does for you what I intend it to.