Honors High School Math 3:

    Students in the honors track need a graphing calculator if they do not already have one. There are many workable models, but the ones I am most familiar with are:

    TI-83 Plus

    TI-84 Plus C (and silver edition)

    TI-84 Plus CE


    All of the above calculators are useable (and required) on the AP Calculus and AP statistics exams, and are also permitted during the PSAT's, SAT's, and ACT's. Often in technology the newest thing is the best thing. However, in the case of graphing calculators, not much has changed in a while. So, if price is an issue, a used TI-83 Plus in good working order can be purchased through Amazon for about $40 + shipping. This calculator will be able to handle anything on either the AP Calc and AP Stats exams, and will be just fine for our class.