Phone: 208-350-4200


Degrees and Certifications:

BA Elementary Ed. NNU, 1983 MA Arts Integration Lesley University, 2009

Ms. Funk

     I've been officially teaching for 26 years, but began "teaching" on my front porch before I ever stepped through the doors of a classroom.  Both of my parents spent their days working as a teacher, principal or administrator in public education, so I guess you could say it's in my blood!  
     I love teaching, and especially love third graders.  For me, it's the perfect age...just enough independence, but young enough to still love on you!  These 8-9 year olds bring a smile to me every day!
     When not in the classroom, I enjoy checking up on my three grown sons and daughter-in-law, spending time with my extended family, and eating my brother Tim's slow-smoked pulled pork!  I also love catching a good movie with friends, although that has sadly been put on hold with the current Covid situation. 
    Speaking of family, my first grandson, Emmett came into our world 15 months ago very prematurely at 25 weeks, weighing 1 lb. 8 oz.  After140 days in the NICU, and heart surgery in Seattle, Emment came home.  We have been in awe at how he has grown and at his miraculous development!  He was formally diagnoised with Cerebal Palsy 4 weeks ago.  We are now on a journey with him to provide as much as humanly possible to ensure that he lives his life to the fullest.  He brings absolute joy to his parents and to me every single day!
    I am thrilled to be teaching here at Chief Joseph!  I love the staff, the support, and especially the amazing kids here that we have the privilege of teaching.
  **  In order to help you with your school shopping, I would like to clarify a few items from the district 3rd grade list that students will use in school.  The 3-Ring binder they need should be no larger than 1 inch wide.  All students will need 2 "Composition Books", for math and ELA.  Also, pens are not needed.  I would also suggest that Sanitizing wipes along with 1 bottle of hand sanitizer be bought.  Batteries DO NOT need to be purchased.  We always run low on pencils, so please send plenty while they are on sale!  Do not send more than 24 crayons, a set of 12 colored markers, and 12-24 colored pencils.   Finally, please purchase Elmer's Glue-All instead of School Glue if you can.  The school glue is watered down and ruins many art projects.    ALL supplies need to fit inside of a small, regular size pencil box.  Desks do not have room for larger boxes.
See you in August!
Ms. Funk