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Mrs. Haggard

Welcome to Middle Level Science! We are in for some exciting days ahead.  Sixth grade science is dedicated to Earth Science topics such as Earth's Systems, History of Earth, Human Impacts, Weather and Climate, and Space Systems.  We have a new curriculum based on the 2018  Idaho Content Standards for science.  Along with that new curriculum, we have new textbooks and digital resources that we will be using this year.  Hands-on laboratory experiences will give students real connections to the digital and text information.  The student-textbook belongs to each student and will go home with them at the end of the school year.  This will be a valuable resource for them to keep and use in high school. Eighth grade Honors Physical Science is divided into chemistry and physics topics that include the study of Matter and Its Interactions, Energy, Waves, Motion and Forces.  An 8th grade interdisciplinary culminating project will be completed through all classes.  The researched finding and engineered product will be presented in a written technical paper and formal oral presentation in March.

All students are responsible for writing in their plan books DAILY in every class! The information each student needs to record is written on the front boards in each teacher's room.  This information includes topics that we cover in class daily, due dates for assignments, and homework.  Students are welcome to "capture" this information by taking a picture of the board.  Sixth grade students will be graded on accurately recording the information in their agenda/planner for all subjects.  This grade will be recorded during their Study Skills class each week. Other graded work in 6th grade Study Skills includes students checking PowerSchool weekly, logging 2 hours per week on ALEKS math, and reading science publications such as Science World magazine and SRAs.

Feel free to contact me by email for any clarification you need about posted assignments and due dates recorded in your students' planner/agenda.  Working together, we can make this a great year of learning through the exciting subject of science!

Kind regards,
Mrs. Haggard