K-5 Engineering Announcements

  • ASE AstroSAT Challenge - Study of the Hemispheres Differences

    Galileo STEM Academy gathered data from a live satellite orbiting Earth.  Students can then evaluate the data to identify differences between the northern and southern hemisphere this time of the year.

    A real-time globe visualizing the current position of Spire's satellites


    Here is the data loaded in the CODAP data analysis tool:
    Here is a guide that has descriptions of the data fields (data columns):
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  • FabSLAM CAT Transportation Solution

    Our problem, based on the topic of transportation is with shopping cart wheels.  Have you ever gone shopping and have your cart get stuck?  Believe it or not, junk gets caught in certain places on the wheels.  This includes hair, string and other small items you find in stores.  Having these stuck in the wheel, makes it hard for the cart to move.

    We have a great solution!  It is a clip-on cap with a pick to remove the junk.  Our solution will take lots of patience and time, but it will be less money than buying new, quality wheels for every cart.

    First 3D print

    Design Solution

    Our team had to go through many steps to get our final 3D print.  First, we made our problem.  Secondly, we made our solution. Then, we drew the design on paper.  We also made a clay model of the design. Next, we started designing on Tinkercad.com.  Finally, we got our 3D print and it was different then our first copy, but it was amazing. 


    Tinkercad Design


    There were a few problems along the way including, pieces of our clay model falling apart, not finding the right shapes on Tinkercad, and having little time to work as a group. We fixed these problems quickly though.


    Clay Model



    Abby, Taylor, and Christy - FabSLAM CAT

    Update: The FabSLAM CAT Team competed at the FabSLAM Showcase in Boise on Saturday, February 24. They represented Galileo demonstrating that amazing Galileo PRIDE. Way to go! Thank you for all your hard work.


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  • Galileo STEM Academy

    2nd Annual STEM Night

    Thursday, March 1, 2018

    5:00 – 7:00 pm


    Book Fair


    Cafeteria and Front of School:

    Food for Sale



    Hands-on Activities                                                 

    NNU Doceo Center                                                     

    Boise State STEM Club                                               

    U of I                                                                        


    Centennial High Labbies                                             

    Micron Family Engineering Night Activities           

    Galileo Makerspace Activities


    School Groups

    Rocket Squad

    First LEGO League

    Junior Botball Challenge


    ASE AstroSAT Challenge

    SEEC Rocket Launching/ Space 4D+

    Thanks to the Idaho STEM Action Center, children can complete a STEM Passport to earn a free slice of pizza (While supplies last)! Everyone is welcome! All children under the age of 18 need to have adult supervision with them. We are hoping for a fantastic turnout. Thank you.  Schedule is subject to change.


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  • Galilego Master H20 Competes at State Championship

    Our school's First LEGO League team moved on and competed at the state championship in Twin Falls. They worked hard to improve their programming and project before the competition. Way to go Master H2O!

    posters team 1 team 2 team 3 team 4 team 5

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  • Galileo Team of Teachers Head to Houston

    Galileo had a team of four teachers, Gina Kwid, Jolene Gunn, Beth Bivens, and Kellie Taylor, travel to Houston, TX for the Space Exploration Educators Conference. 


    This conference is for grades kindergarten to 12th – and not just for science teachers! Space Center Houston strives to use space to teach across the curriculum. The activities presented can be used for science, language arts, mathematics, history, and more.

    Attend sessions hosted by the actual scientists and engineers working on exciting endeavors like the International Space Station and explorations of Mars and the planets beyond. Hear from the astronauts leading the charge in exploration! Come learn about the bold vision to send humans back to the Moon and off to Mars! Attend sessions presented by educators and receive ready to implement classroom ideas and experience minds-on, hands-on fun. Network with fellow educators, take back a multitude of cross-curriculum ideas and activities and earn 24 hours of continuing professional education credit.

    Barbara NASA robots

    In addition, Kellie Taylor joined the Space Educator Expedition Crew.  

    Educators from around the country are collaborating to prepare students for 21st century science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers through Space Center Houston’s SEEC Crew.

    Space Center Houston launched the program in 2017 to help meet a nationwide need to prepare students for STEM careers and an equal need for extraordinary teacher leaders to inspire students. The crew aims to empower teachers to build leadership competencies by creating innovative STEM programs for their students, schools and communities.


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  • STEM Night 2018 is Approaching

    Keep checking back for more information on the upcoming STEM Night, Thursday, March 1, 2018 from 5 -7 pm.  We will have a kick-off assembly the day of the event and engaging hands-on activities for all ages.  The Book Fair will be going and pizza will be available.

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  • Representing Galileo at STEM Matters! Day at the Capital

    The Idaho STEM Action Center invited students, families, and community members to join them on January 23 for STEM Matters 2018 at the Idaho State Capitol Building. STEM Matters is a free hands-on educational event that will showcase students, community members, and companies that are making a positive impact on STEM education in Idaho.  Galileo STEM Academy took a few makerspace activities and the Junior Botball robotics groups to share the amazing STEM opportunities grants, such as those provided by the Foundation, STEM Action center, Micron, Power Engineers, ICfL, INL and more, provide for our students.


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  • Our NASA MgUE Team Continues Outreach

    The teachers from the 2017 NASA MgUE team continue to do outreach for educators and students. They hosted a session at Boise State University's Aerospace Day on January 17, 2018.  


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  • Our school is part of the 3rd Round of the ASE AstroSAT Challenge. Students will conduct a Real Experiment in Space on a satellite orbiting earth.



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  • Hour of Code

    Students in kindergarten through 5th grade participated in Hour of Code during Computer Science week December 4-10. Students completed activities of choice at hourofcode.com Kindergarten students completed coding activities using the free app Code-a-pillar.  All students can enter for a chance to win an Amazon gift card or an iPad mini at the following link


    If students need another copy of their certificate, just send me an email at taylor.kellie@westada.org.

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  • Junior Botball Challenge at Galileo

    This sustainable program for 3rd - 8th grade utilizes reusable equipment, software, standards-aligned curriculum and professional development opportunities to teach students to write code in C++ and cover engineering design standards.  The hands-on challenges focus on improving computational thinking skills and application of leanred concepts.


    On December 4, Galileo held a challenge event that was attended by our participating after school students and Emmett Middle School students. Families attended as well as Finia Dinh from the Idhao STEM Action Center. It was a fun opportunity for all. Thank you to the parent volunteers who helped judge the student challenges.

    JBC 1


    JBC 2


    JBC 3


    JBC 4


    JBC 5


    JBC 6


    JBC 7

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  • Galilego Master H20 advances to

    Twin Falls FLL Tournament

    Galileo's first LEGO League team has been preparing for December's competition since September. This year's team has fourth and fifth grade students with a mixture of returning team members from last year and first timers.

    FLL 1

    Students not only have to prepare by programming their robot to complete mission but develop a project solution and present on how they used the Core Values.


    All the team members work on the different parts of the competition.


    This year's theme was water. The students worked to design an improvement to fish ladders at dams by portotyping a fish escalator. The did research on the web and heard from a local Fish and Game expert.


    While all of the competition can make students nervous, running through the robot missions in the timed sessions can be nerve wracking.

    The team has advanced to the next level of competition in Twin Falls on February 3. Wish us luck and lots of fun!

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  • The NASA Project Was Amazing!

    The i-Nerds of Martian Gravity had a great time with the NASA Johnson Space Center Microgravity project. The team of teachers tested the students' design on the Precision Air Bearing Floor. The project impacted students and staff tremendously. If you learn of other opportunities such as the Microgravity project, please let me know.


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  • STEM Night Thursday, March 2

    5:00-7:00 pm

    Our school's first STEM Night is on Thursday, March 2 from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, the last day of the Book Fair. The event will have a variety of hands-on STEM activities and cool presentations.



    • 8:30 – 8:00 Book Fair

    Cafeteria and Front of School:

    • Food for Sale
      • Pizza
      • Donuts



    • 5:30 – 6:00 Mountain View Physics Club
    • 6:00 – 6:30 Jared Jacobs Stop Motion LEGO Video
    • Boise Police Department Bomb Squad Robot

    Hands-on Activities

    • Virtual Reality Cardboard Goggles
    • Makerspace Activities
      • Cups
      • Wind Tunnel
      • Hot Wheels
      • And more
    • Family Engineering Night activities
      • Independent
      • Guided
    • Paper Airplanes

    School Groups

    • Rocket Squad
    • Student-built CNC Plotter Printer
    • Idaho TECH Challenge
    • First LEGO League
    • Junior Botball Challenge
    • NASA Microgravity


    • Displays
    • Reading Corner
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  • We're going to #NASAMgUE

    We have a team of teachers that will be traveling #NASAJohnsonSpaceCenter in April as part of the Microgravity University for Educators.  Learn more about it on the Galileo Homepage. Look for NASA!

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  •  Galileo at Barnes and Noble Maker Faire

    Galileo will be showcasing their makerspace at the Barnes and Noble Maker Faire Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6 from 11-6 both days.  Permission slips will be sent home with students interested in showcasing our makerspace activities.

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  • We have had some Galileo families working with Scratch and MakeyMakey kits.  Our showcase will be Tuesday, November 1 starting at 6:00pm.  All are invited to come and see what our families have been working on.  Our theme this time is Movies.  Be ready to see our families walk the red carpet.

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  • Our first after school group will be starting in November.  Please use the link below to register your student.

    Tuesday, November 8- 3:55 - 5:00 pm

    Tuesday, November 15 - 3:55 - 5:00 pm

    Tuesday, November 29 - 3:55 - 5:00 pm

    Tuesday, December 6 - 3:55 - 5:00 pm

    Student participation will be limited to 16 3rd-5th grade students.  Participants will be able to use the new robotics kits with a partner to build and program a working robotics model.  This kit is a brand new platform that we are piloting.  I am excited to see what the students can do!



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  • Our school will be piloting two new programs, Cubit and Junior Botball Challenge.  These will initially start in our after school groups for elementary students.  Please check back for more information.

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  • Elementary engineering will be diving into learning right from the start.  New this year, students will be learning how to use claims, evidence, and reasoning during discussions within the engineering classroom and in their engineering notebooks.  Each grade level will continue to work on building working models.  First through fifth grade will also be working with 3D printing and LEGO robotics.  Fourth and fifth grade will also have a robotics project that requires them to work in small groups to design, build, and program a working robotic solution.  It will be another exciting year!

    After school groups and the Library MakerSpace will be starting up as quickly as possible.  An email for the engineering after school groups signup will be sent out in September.  Students will be notified through school announcements when the Maker Space will be starting.  

    Feel free to stop by and see me during the Meet and Greet, Friday, August 19, 2-4 pm.

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  • Galileo elementary students celebrated the Hour of Code for the third year in a row.  This year we won having Hadi Partovi, founder of code.org, as a virtual guest speaker!

    Hadi Partovi - Founder of Code.org   HP


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  • The Library MakerSpace is in full swing.  It is open most Wednesday mornings from 8:50 to 9:20 am.  If your students enjoy the activities at the MakerSpace, please make sure to thank Mrs. Hally, the librarian, for making this possible.



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  • The Idaho TECH Challenge team has begun meeting each Wednesday after school.  Competition will be on Saturday, April 16th.



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  • Our second season was a fantastic success!  The team members improved in a variety of skills including robot design, programming, presentation, and of course team work.  The team showed considerable improvement from the first year.  The time commitment was considerable even with our limited meeting schedule.  Their dedication to the team was commendable.

    Team Photo at Competition  Preparing to run the missions  Team Work  Repurposing for presentations in the Trash Trek Challenge


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  • First LEGO League is up and started with most meetings taking place Wednesdays after school.  If you are new to the school this fall and in 4th - 8th grades, you are eligible to participate.  We currently have two openings for the team.  Please bring a paragraph to Mrs. Taylor in the elementary engineering lab about why you would like to participate and how you can be a good team member.  Please include your name and your teacher's name (if middle school, include home room teacher's name).


    We will have an Idaho TECH Challenge team again with more information and signups in the fall.  Students need to listen to the announcements to know when the team is forming.


    After school engineering groups will also be continuing this year.  Students in 3rd - 5th grade will be able to signup soon.  Meetings will take place after school on Thursday afternoons.  More information will be coming.  Students in 1st - 2nd grade signups will be in October.


    Upcoming evening events to be looking for include Family Creative Learning Workshops and Family Engineering Night.


    Students will be celebrating Hour of Code in December.


    Please contact me if you have any questions, would like to be a guest speaker for students, or have any resources you would like to offer.


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  • If you are a K thru 12 student in the United States, your challenge is To Design a Space Tool. The ability to 3D print in space is a game-changer for space exploration. Just think about it, when astronauts are on Mars, they will have the ability to make whatever they need, on demand, even though Earth is just a little blue glimmer in the sky. That's exactly why we are challenging our next generation of explorers to start designing parts for space now. We want students to create and submit a digital 3D model of a tool that they think astronauts need in space. If you win, your design will become a part of space history as one of the first things ever to be 3D Printed in Space.

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  • To encourage students to post pictures of their builds from home on the appropriate grade level page under Build and Tell, each post they make will enter them into a drawing.  The drawing will take place October 31st.  The student drawn will be able to bring in an .stl file to print on the 3D printer.  Once completed, they will be able to take their build home.  Please help your student with being safe on the internet when uploading any pictures or details about their project.
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  • Our First LEGO League team this year is Alex Grundy, Jimena Guzman, Caleb Pollock, Logan Monsen, Ryan Weiss, and Tyler Weiss.  We will begin meeting Wednesday afternoons after school in the elementary engineering lab.
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  • All of our elementary students will participate in The Hour of Code, during Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 8-14). Last year, 15 million students tried computer science in one week.  Our students participated last year and will again during engineering class.  If you are interested in being a guest speaker during that week, please contact me.

    See http://hourofcode.com for details.

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  • Stop by the elementary engineering lab to enter your email for notifications of pictures of your student projects.  Kindergarten completes a build each week.  First and second grades complete a build every other week and program the other week.  Third through fifth have more difficult projects and may not have a new project posted each month.  They also alternate their builds with programming and other projects.
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  • The first after school group started this week.  We will meet on Wednesdays October 1, 15, and 29.  At the end of October new signups will open up.
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