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Mrs. Bradburn

March 16, 2020

  Good morning!  What a turn of events.  As we all stay home during this quarantine, I'd like to remind you about the links on my webpage.  In no way does it make up for what we do in class, but it's something.  Please read, write and do Zearn daily.  

  This is a great challenge for you as writers!  Can you go through the entire writing process independently and create well written, multi paragraph papers? You can find checklists for outlines and rubrics for papers in the Class Documents tab. 

 Complete all the unfinished work in your binders :-) .  Also, if you still don't know your math facts, this is the time to change that. Work on that.

  If you write me an email, I will reply within 24 hours.  Write to me, please.  I'm going to get so bored without you!


Peace, Mrs. Bradburn