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    Classwork is practice work that prepares students for assessments but does not factor into the final grade. Some practice work is shown in PowerSchool as a communication/progress reporting tool. Classwork is reported with the following scales:

    COMPLETION (1/0 scale): 1=assignment is completed and or thinking is visible, 0=assignment is not completed and or thinking is not visible
    QUALITY (4/3/2/1 scale): 4=advanced thinking, 3=proficient thinking, 2=basic thinking, 1=minimal thinking, 0=missing

    ​​​​​​​Assessments make up the final grade. All assessments are directly aligned with learning standards and scored on a 4 point rubric. Assessments components are graded with the following scale:

    Advanced (4), 100%
    Proficient (3), 85%
    Basic (2), 70%
    Below basic (1), 55% 


    - Characteristics of life
    - Cells and cell processes
    - Biological systems
    - Cell division, genetics
    - Evolutionary change
    - Ecology