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Mrs. Willis

My name is Jennifer Willis. I am excited to be your teacher. We will discover and learn about many fasinating ancient civilizations. I have been teaching for 21 years, and all but two year have been 6th grade. This is a big transition year, and it is my favorite to teach! I love encouraging, watching and helping students navigate through this new and somtimes challenging adventure. Welcome to 6th grade! Excited to learn with you I am!



All work is expected to be turned in complete and on time. Semester 1 late assignments receive 90% credit, Semester 2 late assignments receive 80% credit.
School policy allows two days for every one day of absence to make up missed assignments (including weekend days). If the due date falls on a weekend, the assignment is due the next school day. If a student is present for assigned work, but absent on the due date, the assigned work is due the day the student returns.
All work in the Daily Work and Lab Work categories may be redone for up to a grade of 90%. Test and quiz grades are final and may not be retaken except under special circumstances.

History Update:

September we started our journey of the Ancient Worlds! We began in Africa studying Paleolithic and Neolithic periods. We analyzed how they made advancement over time. We learned that agriculture was the biggest reason people began to settle. This week we are finishing up our Mesopotamia unit. It is a river valley known as the Fertile Crescent and we have learned that this has made it a perfect place to settle. They were able to make improvements to agriculture like improving irrigation and even inventing the wheel and plow. Soon your student will be able to tell you all about Egypt learning about its geography, culture, government and economy.