Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Marta Bidondo

I am super proud to be an educator at SMS.  This is an amazing school.  This will be my 35th year in education and my 28th year in middle school.  I love middle school age kids!  I have a wonderful husband that teaches science at Rocky Mountain, 2 great adult kids and 2 new puppies.  I am teaching 2 courses this year.  6th grade Earth Science and 7th grade Zoology/Geology.  Info for both is below.

6th Grade Earth Science


Unit 1-Earth's Changing Surface

Unit 2-Earth's History

Unit 3-Natural Resources & Human Impact

Unit 4-Weather

Unit 5-Climate

Unit 6-Space Systems

Grading: Classwork 10%, Labs 15%, Quizzes 25%, Assessments 50% (includes projects)


Access to 6th Grade Online Science Book Instructions:    -  parent/student tab  -  Educational Apps   - Easy Bridge

Student login: same a log ons and passwords used on school computers


7th Grade Zoology/Geology (1 quarter each)

Zoology: classification, mammals, insects, reptiles/amphibians, fish & birds

Geology: students will be doing lots of fun activities that reinforce the 6th grade Earth Science course.

Grading: classwork 10%, projects 90%


Grading Policy: All work will have a due date.  All late and redo's must be completed and turned in by each quarter cut off date.
Quarter 1  Oct 15
Quarter 2  Jan 7
Quarter 3  March 11 
Quarter 4  May 27
Students will bring their laptop, pencil and binder to class daily.
Students will treat all teachers and peers with respect.
Students will be an active team participant.
Students will use Power School to stay informed about their grades.
Students will follow the Sawtooth Way protocol for behavioral expectations
Be Responsible. Be Respectful, Be Reliable and Be Ready
Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you might have.  I believe that a successful year involves a team.  The student, parents and teacher.