Annual Mandatory Employee Training

  • As employees of the West Ada School District, there are specific documents, policies, and training materials you are accountable for reading, understanding, and following. In addition, you are also accountable for reviewing all building procedures that are relevant to your employment with West Ada.

    All employees must watch the videos, listen to the audio recordings, and read the policies listed below annually and turn in the signed completion form to your Principal/Supervisor within 30 days of the start of your contract. 

    Classified employees will be given time during the workday, assigned by their supervisor, to complete the required tasks. It is suggested that new classified employees complete the tasks on their first day.

    - Substitutes, Noon Duties, & Crossing Guards are NOT required to do the starred (*) items.
    - Maintenance employees are NOT required to do the items marked with a plus (+).

West Ada Training Audio/Videos:

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