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Mr. Presnell

Online Assignments will soon be available! You will be able to access both Ms. Whipple's and my classes on the calendar for my page. If you follow the instructions below, you should have no problem accessing the calendar. You will not be required to submit the assignments, as they will not be graded, they are simply for your enrichment! Each Friday, I will offer the answer keys for the weeks work, so you can self check your work. If you have questions, please feel free to email either Ms. Reed or myself for clarification and help!
There will be much of the same work available as we would have in class; power points and corresponding notes, practice assignments, textbook and study guides, videos, and experiments. The experiments might need some modifications by you at home to accomplish, but that will be part of the fun!
Welcome to my class website! There is a class syllabus in the Class Documents folder to the left.  Once you sign in, you will find a calendar of events page. 
For STUDENTS to sign in, there is a special link below.
-Click on the 6-12th Grade Sign In Button,
-sign in with your powerschool login and password (like the computers at school),
-then navigate your way back to my page, and the calendar option should be on the MENU TO THE LEFT.
-This page will show you any assignments that we have done for respective classes, on any specific calendar day.
For PARENTS to access the calendar, the easiest way is to use your students ID and passowrd for Blackboard, and follow the same intsructions as for students above. I apologize for the inconvenience, but some of my material is copyright protected, and my calenadar must be password protected to avoid legal consequences. 
These events are posted according to the class and the assignment. PS stands for Physical Science, and A for Astronomy. If a student is missing work, they can print a copy to complete and submit to the missing basket for grading. Tests and quizzes might not be posted for download, see Mr. Presnell to make arrangements. 
I'm excited for another school year at Lake Hazel Middle School. Let's make it a great one! 
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