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  • (2014/2015) Academy Personalized Learning Project

    Beginning in the 2012 school year, West Ada School District (WASD) has been looking to create a new school model for its high school academies. A survey was given to student to assess needs in an attempt to create a system that works for these students. These are the results of this survey.

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  • (2014/2015) Making the Digital Transition- Online Techbook Professional Development

    The West Ada School District (WASD) is currently in the process of transitioning its schools and classrooms to digitally-rich environments. This is in order to better align student learning with the skills needed for success in current and future jobs. This research seeks to identify professional development characteristics which best aid teachers in integrating technology tools into their classrooms.

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  • (2014/2015) Middle School Academic Behaviors for Career and College Readiness

    This research identifies areas of student academic mindsets which have improved through school-wide implementations. In addition, this work is based in a Career and College Readiness framework and can be used to identify strengths and areas of further work which can enable action and data-based decisions by school staff.

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  • (2014/2015) Pilot to Purchase Project

    This study sought to develop a method for measuring outcomes associated with software being used and/or piloted within the district. It is part of a larger study performed in association with Digital Promise- The League of Innovative Schools.

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  • (2014/2015) The Boise Watershed Project: A Community Collaboration

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the benefits of students participating in real-world STEM activities (field trips). This research was a collaborative community partnership between the West Ada School District, Boise State University, and the Boise WaterShed. The project is funded by the Micron Foundation.

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  • (2013/2014) Career and College Readiness- Middle School Key Academic Behaviors Survey Pilot Study

    With today’s emphasis on ensuring that our students are career and college ready, Joint School District No. 2 (JSD2) is developing a Career and College Readiness (CCR) model that spans the K-12 grade levels. The aim of this model is to create a scaffolding to align actions toward career and college readiness from Kindergarten through 12th grade. This alignment is an effort to systematically develop students who are well-prepared throughout all grade levels as well as to develop a measurement system in order to identify areas of need and to gauge progress toward meeting those needs.

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