Vicki Turner



Degrees and Certifications:

Vicki Turner

Class Syllabus


Semester 1

Unit 1:  Foundations Unit

This is a pre-assessment of reading comprehension, analyzing text, using evidence, writing a summary, and proper grammar usage.

Unit 2:  Literary Narrative

Students will analyze text structures and features in narrative text.  Students will write narrative text using technical aspect of narrative stories, poetry, and drama.

Unit 3:  Introduction to Argument with Literary Analysis

Students will draw conclusions and write arguments to support their analysis of a literary text with correct citations.


Semester 2

Unit 4:  Informational Text

Students will analyze test structures and features in informational text.  Students will write informational text using evidence and research with correct citations.

Unit 5:  Argument with Informational Text

Students will analyze text structure and features in argumentative text.  Students will write argumentative text using evidence and research with correct citations.

Unit 6:  Imaginative Literature/Creative Writing

Students will engage in the exploration of literature and writing using skills learned over the course of the year.


Grades will be weighted based upon the following categories and percentage of final grade:






Finals (EOC)—10%


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