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  • Welcome students and parents!

    I am looking forward to a fun, educational, and inspiring school year!  

    The courses I will be teaching this year are:

    Exploratory Life Skills - Grade 7

    Exploratory Art - Grade 6 

    Both courses are 9-weeks in duration and the content remains the same throughout the year.  Therefore, assignments are preloaded and available year around, regardless of what quarter you are scheduled.  If you are struggling to find the assignment you need, please send me an email at the address above and I will respond with the assignment link within 24 hours.

    This website's priority is to meet both student and parent needs.  I welcome any and all constructive feedback regarding ways that I can use this website to improve my communication with you.  Please feel free to contact me with suggestions or questions at or 208/350-4720 ext. 1115.

    Thank you!

  • Mrs. Dobson

    Mrs. Dobson in front of

    Vincent VanGogh's "Sunflowers"

    at the National Gallery in London, England.