Mr. Jeff Kelley



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Mr. Jeff Kelley

I am a baby boomer (born between 1946 and 1964). I graduated from Borah High School where I participated in cross country, track, and basketball. I completed my Undergraduate and Masters degrees at Boise State University. I began my teaching and coaching career at Lake Hazel Middle School in 1993 and transferred to Lewis & Clark at the inception year 2000. I currently teach World Geography.

I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and softball during my recreation time. I also engage in hiking and exercise activities on a regular basis.

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5 Themes of Geography:                                                                                              

Location: either absolute (exact) or relative (round about)

Place: what a location is like once you are there

Movement: people, goods, ideas are moved or communicated

Region: What do the people of an area have in common? (religion, language, diet, customs, etc)

Human and Environment Interaction: What does the environment do for the people? What do people do to the environment?