Mrs. Forsdick

Phone: 350-4270


Degrees and Certifications:

BA K-8 Education Literacy Endorsement6-12 ELA Endorsement

Mrs. Forsdick

My name is Sheri Forsdick and I will be your Lewis and Clark 7th Grade Writing and Composition Teacher this year. I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you. I am married and have 2 children. My son lives and works in Seattle. My daughter is 16 and goes to Cole Valley Christian. We live in southeast Boise. I have 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback, Jaz is 3 years old. I enjoy traveling, reading, quilting, kniting and taking walks with my husband and my dog

We have so much to learn this year. We will write and then write and then write some more. We will listen, we will talk about what makes a good writer and we will practice. I break projects down into bit size pieces and provide time to work on each assignment in class. We will have at least 1 major project that will include an essay and a presentation per quarter. If you are using your time wisely in class and staying on track with the agenda, then most likely your homework load will be lighter in my class during projects. Because I provide class time to work on assignments, my MACO (Missing After Cut Off) dates or the "drop dead due dates so you don't get a permanent zero" are short. Please make a note of these on your agendas. 

GRADING POLICY: Seventy-five percent of your grade will come from papers/projects and the other twenty-five percent will come from quizzes participation grades and unit tests. There will points for timliness on certain assignments. If you have the assignment completed and ready to turn in, you will receive these points. If you do not have your assignment done and ready to hand in on the due date, you will not get these timeliness points. If your assignment is not in the proper place, do not come to me and ask for these points. It is your responsibility to know where your class assignments are to be turned in - this rarely changes. Timeliness points will be no more than 5% of that assignment. If you have a missing assignment, I will mark that assignment missing, late and will enter a zero into the gradebook. Once you turn in the assignment, I will replace the "missing" with a "collected, however, the zero stays until I am able to grade your paper! Due dates are important and you must take them seriously. All that being said, if a due date is creating problems or you have having difficulty making a due date, YOU need to come talk to me, and we will create a plan for you to succeed. If you are absent, you have 1 week to complete and turn in any work that was done. If you know that you will be absent at the time an assignment is due, I expect that the assignment is turned in prior to your absence.

I know that writing is hard and/or not a favorite subject for some. That's okay, we'll work together to get through the year as smoothly as possible. Welcome back! I know that we are going to have a fantastic year!