Degrees and Certifications:

Fran Grindell

I've enjoyed being a Special Education Teacher in the Westada District going on 22 years.

I have been part of Lewis & Clark's staff family, since our building opened in 2000.

Classes : Math7 Labs,  Math8 Labs, ELA 6-8 Lab, Study Skills7 Lab   

My calendar for upcoming units and assignments will be updated every Friday.

Contact Info:

phone: 208-350-4270, #1220


Math labs focus on specialized instruction for students on an I.E.P., in a resource setting to remediate skills in the areas of: Number Sense, Computation and Math Reasoning.  The topics to remediate math skills also will include: Understanding of Expressions and Equations; Multiplication and Division; Fractions and Decimals; and Rational Number Sense and Understanding. 

In addition, students will be exposed to grade level curriculum and will follow selected Common Core Priority Standards. 

  • Ratio Reasoning and Proportion Concepts
  • Multiplication and Division with Fractions
  • Solving Equations Using Variables
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Statistics, Reading & Creating Charts, Graphs and Data Tables

Daily Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared with materials 
  • Be actively engaged and participate in discussions and activities

Materials expected to be brought to class daily:  math lab journal     


Writing Lab7

ELA labs are grade specific interventions to help students with building their reading and/or writing skills. Lessons are taught with a focus on filling in gaps in learning.
Assessment Overview
This is a summarized list for any parent that is curious about how student progress is monitored and what each monitoring tool assesses. These are the scores you can view in the grade book. They are recorded as a
PERCENTILE grade. The goal is to have students performing at the 50th percentile or better.
Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM) Fluency and Writing
There are two Curriculum Based Measurement tests. One tests reading fluency and one tests writing fluency. To assess reading fluency, students read a leveled passage out loud to the teacher for one minute. As they read, the teacher marks words that are not
read correctly. After the minute is over the student’s total number of correctly read words is added up to calculate their score. Students read three different one-minute passages and the median score is recorded.
To assess writing, students are given a sentence as a story starter (prompt). They get one minute to brainstorm a story that fits the prompt and five minutes to write as much of their story as they can. The number of words written, words spelled correctly, correct punctuation, and correct writing sequence are then taken into account when grading this assessment.

Lab Classes –
Helping Students Get Extra Support

In order to identify which students could benefit from extra academic support and figure out what we can best do for them, we use the Response To Intervention (RTI) process. The Lab classes are a Tier 2 step in this process. The RTI process is explained in more detail under the tab RTI Process.