Degrees and Certifications:

Fran Grindell

I've enjoyed being a Special Education Teacher in the Westada District going on 24 years.

I have been part of Lewis & Clark's staff family, since our building opened in 2000.

Classes :Math7 Labs, Math7 Labs,  Math8 Labs  

My calendar for upcoming units and assignments will be updated every Friday.

Contact Info:

phone: 208-350-4270, #1220


Math labs focus on specialized instruction for students on an I.E.P., in a resource setting to remediate skills in the areas of: Number Sense, Computation and Math Reasoning.  The topics to remediate math skills also will include: Understanding of Expressions and Equations; Multiplication and Division; Fractions and Decimals; and Rational Number Sense and Understanding. 

In addition, students will be exposed to grade level curriculum and will follow selected Common Core Priority Standards. 

  • Ratio Reasoning and Proportion Concepts
  • Multiplication and Division with Fractions
  • Solving Equations Using Variables
  • Expressions and Equations
  • Statistics, Reading & Creating Charts, Graphs and Data Tables

Daily Expectations:

  • Come to class prepared with materials 
  • Be actively engaged and participate in discussions and activities

Materials expected to be brought to class daily:  math lab journal