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Miss McDonald

Welcome to Physical Science!
Physical Science explores the Nature of Science, Physics, and Chemistry concepts.  This includes: Scientific Method, Forces, Motion, Newton's Laws, Energy, Properties of Matter, Atomic Structure, Chemical Bonding, and Chemical Reactions. 
All lessons are aligned with the new Idaho State Science Standards.

Grading Policy:


30% Classwork

        5%  Warm Ups

       25% Assignments

70% Assessments

       30% Labs/Projects

       30% Tests/Quizzes (Quiz = 1/2 Test)

       10% EOC


Late work must be submitted within one week of the assignment's original due date.

Please note that any student scoring less than 70 on a quiz, or test, has the opportunity to retake it for up to a 70% maximum passing score. (Assignments may be corrected for additional points beyond 70%.)




-Flexible 3 Ring Binder as shown (to be left in the classroom)    Image result for binder

-Pen or Pencil

Additional Help:
Students needing additional instruction outside of class or to re-do assignments may arrange time with me during the following times: 
   Lunch: Tuesday and Thursday (with advance notice)
   After School: Tuesday and Thursday (with advance notice)
Contact Information:
Email:  mcdonald.monica@westada.org
Phone: (208) 350-4060 Ext. 1122
This is my tenth year teaching Physical Science at Lowell Scott.  My teaching experience also includes: fourth grade in Atlanta, Georgia, 8th grade Algebra, and Physical Science in our district's summer school program for the last 8 years.  
I graduated from Marquette University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management, worked in sales for ten years, and then attained a Masters degree in Education from George Fox University.  My emphasis in teaching is using multiple strategies of instruction while connecting the class concepts to real world applications.