Ms. Katie Price

Phone: (208) 350-4060 Ext. 1118


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Business Administration M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction Certification: Secondary Mathematics and English Language Arts

Ms. Katie Price

I am passionate about helping students build confidence, knowledge, and understanding in mathematics.  I am a firm believer that every student has more potential than what they believe they have.  My personal experiences with math is the basis for my beliefs and passion.  I was a student who struggled with math in my early high school years till a teacher challenged me by saying, "It is ok if you do not get math since you are a girl.  Girls do not really use math."  At that point in time I determined that I would show him; I would not only get math but do something with it.  I spent many tearful hours struggling to understand and began to view math like a crossword puzzle; each answer built upon the next.  I soon began to see the beauty in math and its presence in the entire world around me.  This beauty lead to a great love and respect for math that I strive to bring to my class room every day.