•  Before I leave school each evening I post each day's powerpoint presentation and assignments in the calendar below, behind the link "ELA 7 BLOCK".  Please note that information is posted AFTER the day, so that the powerpoint will accurately communicate what happened in class that day.  Unfortunately, due to limitations in the software, to access the information, you are required to download the documents. 
    If you are interested in seeing an agenda predicting the week's plans, an agenda is posted every Monday morning by all 4 Team Discovery teachers at www.westada.org/domain/4681.  
    If you have questions please contact me through my email at saunders.sheila@westada.org.
    Welcome to English Language Arts 7 (ELA 7), a block class consisting of 2 consecutive, 45 minute class periods each day.  ELA 7 is a secondary education course which emphasizes creating critical readers by focusing on literary analysis of both fiction and non-fiction works while teaching students the writing skills necessary to compose effective: narratives, academic arguments and creative poetry.