Physical Education, more than just moving!

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    Welcome everyone to Mr. Anderson's all new Physical Education (PE) website!  

    Physical Education (PE) is so much more than basketball, jumping jacks and running.  PE is discovering activities that encourage students to want to be physically active and to find fun in being active.  It promotes students to discover being competitive within themselves or with someone else and challenges the emotions that come along with competition.  It creates opportunities to come together as a team or small group and learn how to collaborate with each other for a common goal.  It encourages students to push themselves even when they feel like they are not able to go further.  PE inspires classroom togetherness, creates memories, and strengthens the friendships that develop from within that community.  It lends opportunity to take classroom academics and make use of that learning in a different environment.  PE develops student abilities to see the process of new learning and building on existing understanding.

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