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Sari Verity

      Welcome to my homepage!  My name is Sari Verity!  So here is a little about me!  I am an Idaho girl as I was born in Garden Valley, Idaho!  I am the seventh of nine children birthed by amazing parents Paul and Dawn Shepherd.  I have two sisters Paula Tucker and Kristin Goff and six brothers, Paul, Aaron, Daniel, Charlie, Ron and Mike Shepherd.  My dad owned 60 acres in Crouch along the river where he owned a logging & sawmill business.  I went to Garden Valley Elementary. Hard times hit my father's small business and in 6th grade my parents moved us to Riggins, Idaho where my dad bought the Riggins Motel!  It is in Riggins where I did my middle school years!  The highlight was playing on the Salmon River!  There is nothing better then the hiking the Seven Devils, playing on sandy beaches, floating the river and catching big fish!  

      The summer of my Freshman year, my parents had enough of running a motel, so they sold it and my dad relocated us to Snoqualmie, Washington where he worked for my Uncle's logging business.  I started my Sophomore year at Mount Si High School.  I was voted most athletic my Senior year as I was a three sport athlete.  I have always loved basketball, volleyball and softball.  I graduted from Mount Si High School in 1991.  It is there where I met the love of my life, my husband, James Verity!  I graudated high school, got married and then had twins all in 1991.  I was busy!  

      My husband and I decided to move to Idaho where there was less rain and because I wanted to be back by my family.  Our goal was to get our year residency and then go to the University of Idaho in order to pursue careers in teaching and coaching as that is where our passion was!  By then my parents had bought the Seven Devils restuarant and bar in Riggins.  We moved to Riggins and went to work for my parents in 1992.  Once we had our year residency, we then relocated to Moscow, Idaho and both of us were accepted into the University of Idaho.  We were so proud to be Vandals!!  Our twins were 2 years old when we started college in 1993!  It was quit the adventure going to college with twin toddlers, Sami and Josi.  But James and I made it work!  Then in 1995, I gave birth to my third daughter, Courtni Verity.  Three years later, 1998, I gave birth to my fourth daughter, Layci Verity.  

      In 1998, James and I graduated from University of Idaho with BA in Education.  I was now certified to teach my dream job Physical Education with a minor in Health.  My husband was certified to teach Earth Science.  My husband received his first teaching & coaching job in Prinveville, Oregon.  We moved our four beautiful daughters to Central Oregon, where I was a stay at home mom my first year out of college.  Then in 1999, I was hired to teach Elementary PE in a job share where I could work every other day!  It was amazing!  I also was hired to coach 8th grade girls' and boys' basketball as well as 8th grade volleyball.  When my twins were in first grade, I started coaching club volleyball in my spare time.  Then I also started my own club basketball organization when they were in 5th grade.  We were called the Spurs!  This grew to about 70 girls grades 3-8th grade in 6 years.  In 2005, something amazing happened, I gave birth to my first son, my 5th child, Bodi Verity.  Everyone was so excited for the Verity's finally having their first baby boy!

     After 7 years of teaching Physical Education, I decided I wanted a new challenge.  The Crossroads program opened up and I saw an opportunity to continue giving back to my community by working with troubled teens.  So I was hired to be a PBI teacher at Crook County Middle School where I was already coaching.  I went back to college in order to pursue a Masters degree in special eduction specializing in behavior.  My goal was to become a behavior specialist.  I wanted to be the teacher who could help those students that were so depressed, angry, frustrated or hated school.  Those students who seemed alone, with no friends.  Those students who were always getting kicked out of class because they were to hyper and disruptive and didn't have the tools to be successful in class.  I was now PBI (Positive Behavioral Interventionist)  teacher, teaching full time, coaching 8th grade varsity girls volleyball, 8th grade varsity girls & boys basketball, and middle school track; director and coach of Club Basketball Organization and going to college for my Masters Degree.  

      The summer of 2009, after 10 years in Central Oregon, I decided that I was missing my family and Idaho! It was hard to say goodbye to our Oregon friends & family, but was the right decision for my family and I.  I applied for a teaching position at Meridian High School as a PBI teacher.  Sure enough, I was given the job!  My family moved that summer of 2009 to Meridian, Idaho.  I was home again and it felt wonderful!  2010, God decided I was not done having children and blessed me with a 6th child, Kobi Jay Verity.  Bodi was so excited to get a brother since he was out numbered with 4 older sisters.  I have been teaching at Meridian High school going on 8 years now!  I earned my Masters Degree from Lewis and Clark College in Portland.  in 2009, I was also hired to coach 8th grade girls basketball at Sawtooth Middle School.  Going on 8 years of coaching at Sawtooth, I now coach both 8th grade varsity girls' & boys' basketball as well as girls' volleyball.  

   My twins Sami and Josi graduated from Rocky Mountain High, 2010.  They got to be a part of Rocky Mountain Volleyball's first team to win 2nd in State Tournament as well as Rocky's first Softball team to win 2nd in state!  I was a proud mama!  My girls 8th grade basketball team won Sawtooth's first district championship in 2012.  I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with my daughter Layci Verity who was on that team.  My Sawtooth girls' basketball team won districts again the next year!  In 2014, my Sawtooth 8th grade boys' basketball team won the second District Championship for Sawtooth.  I started a Club Basketball team called Rhino Rush.  My son, Bodi Verity is on my team.  This club has now grown to twenty-four 6th grade boys.  From 2012 to 2015, I was the Sophomore Volleyball Coach at MHS.    

      I am very passionate about health, so over the summer of 2016, I became a health coach in order to help people who struggle with health issues. My number one amazing job is being a wife, mother and now Grandma!   I have two Grandkids, Layten Verity and ElliMae Verity-Wells! My second most important job is to be the best teacher I can be every day for every student!  My third job to lead and inspire all my sports team to be the best they can be in their sport and life.  The last awesome job I have is to help America get healthy, through helping my friends and family develop healthy habits so they can have optimal health in their life and enjoy their own families every day!  Bottom line, I LOVE TO TEACH & COACH!!!!  

      I absolutely love working at Meridian High School!  We are a family here and we take great pride in being a Warrior!  I love the old school feel!  I am truly blessed that MHS gave me this job!  Inspiring and motivating students is one of the best jobs you could ever have!  I love what I do with all my heart!  I am lucky to have a beautiful family at home and at Meridian High School!


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