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  • GT 7 is a course that focuses on creative and higher-order thinking.  This course also addresses the affective (social/emotional) needs of gifted learners and meets the reading informational and literary text standards of the 7th grade ELA (English Language Arts) curriculum.  This curriculum addresses the speaking, listening, language, and writing standards for ELA.  At each grade level (6, 7, and 8), the middle school GT curriculum will include these primary concept components:  AFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT, RESEARCH, SYSTEMS AND ORDER, and CHANGE.

    Each of these four units is aligned to a unit in the ELA curriculum:

    AFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT:  Students will develop an understanding of themselves as gifted individuals in their communities.  This understanding includes how to perceive and manage feelings, values, motivations, and attitudes.  [aligned with ELA Unit 1:  River of Change]

    CHANGE in Others/Community:  Students will continue to explore the concept of change, with a focus on change in their communities, and develop their abilities to analyze, recognize, and apply both argumentative and persuasive techniques.  [aligned with ELA Unit 2:  Struggles and Injustice]

    RESEARCH:  Students will gather, analyze, and evaluate primary and secondary sources, synthesize information and ideas from complex texts, generate and support claim(s), and develop a product appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.  [aligned with ELA Unit 3:  Triumph Over Trial]

    SYSTEMS AND ORDER (Community):  Students will explore the order and structure of systems to make predictions and problem-solve.  [aligned with ELA Unit 4:  Beyond Boundaries]


    GT/ELA 7 has the following weighted categories:

    • Classwork - 60%
    • Quizzes - 30%
    • Assessments - 10%
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