PHASE 1 (April 13th - April 24th): Learning packets organized by grade level will be available on-line from the main page of the MMS website under the "Remote Learning" tab. Printed packets are also available for weekly pick-up at MMS. These materials will be organized by grade level and are designed to review previously taught standards. These optional learning resources will not be collected or graded, rather designed for independent learning to improve upon knowledge and skills taught up to March 13th.
    QUARTER 4 (April 27th - June 2nd): New content will be available in weekly learning packets described above. Again, these materials will not be collected or graded. A Microsoft Teams site will be set up by class period during the week of May 4th as an additional platform to communicate with students and provide additional supports. Learning materials will be available weekly for: 1. Hardcopy pick-up at MMS (Mondays and Tuesdays); 2. On-line through the MMS homepage under the "Remote Learning" tab; 3. On-line linked below; 4. On-line from my personal website under the "Class Calendar" tab; and 5. On-line through the Microsoft Teams site (assigned by student westada.org email addresses--an email will go out to students at 5:00 p.m. each Sunday).
    NOTE: A separate health packet will be available for parent/guardian pick-up during the week of May 4th (not available on-line). An email will be sent home on May 1st explaining the district-wide adoption of these materials due to our remote learning situation. This packet is intended as a two-day lesson covering the reproductive systems and sexually transmitted infections. You have the option during this time to pick-up these materials.
    My calendar will be updated with a suggested plan for students (detailed within the weekly learning packets) beginning April 13th and running through June 2nd. As always, additional on-line health resources are still available from the links on the left, including "Web Resources," "Health Related Applications," and a link to the on-line textbook ("Health Textbook Resources").
    Student Schedule