Degrees and Certifications:

Kristi Brown


This is my fifteenth year as a teacher. I began my teaching career at Mountain View High School back in 2005 with my student teaching experience. I was hired on for the next school year. Over the course of my career I have taught a variety of courses including English 3/4, Human Anatomy, Biology, Microbiology, Oceanography, and Forensics. I currently teach Earth Science and Human Anatomy. I have a Master's degree in Zoology from Miami University and a B.S. in Biology (Zoology) from Boise State University. Some day I hope to pursue my Ph.D, but I am currently enjoying my free time.
In my spare time during the school year I enjoy playing soccer, hiking, photography, being outdoors and spending time with my family and friends. During the summer I am able to travel which is something I really love. I work with an amazing organization in the summers called Vermilion Sea Institute, we do citizen science trip to Baja, Mexico. Our focus is data collection on whale sharks that feed there every summer. Which you can see here: I have had many opportunities to travel over the past decade, both within this beautiful country and abroad. I have had unique adventurous experiences in 23 different countries. My bucket list is long and I hope to travel every continent at least once. If you would like to see some of my adventure this link will guide you to a short video I made for graduate school.
Feel free to contact if you have any questions or concerns. You can contact me via email: