Welcome to Forensics

Welcome to Forensics
  •  Forensics is the application of science for solving crimes. This is a course rich in scientific study, with emphasis on lab investigations and critical thinking. This course applies many different disciplines of scientific study including biology/anatomy, chemistry and physics. Forensics science also includes skills in math, reading, processing and criminal justice.

    The forensic science course will explore the history of forensic science, methods of investigating a crime scene, types of evidence, analysis of fingerprints, hair, fibers, drugs, glass, decomposition, entomology, soil and blood.  In addition we will study a variety of crimes which may involve heavy topics like murder, rape and assault. The class will rely heavily on labs, activities, readings of forensic science journal articles and videos.

    I believe the experiences you will have in forensic science will be ones to remember – the cases are interesting, lab are engaging, and the content of the course will combine many aspects of your prior educational experiences. Plan to be busy and actively participating in class everyday, complete all assignments with thoughtfulness and your best work prior to the date due, and spend time studying for exams.



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