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Kristin Galloway

My name is Kristin Galloway.  I have been at MVHS since it opened in 2003, and I plan on being here until I retire.  I LOVE teaching, so I don't plan on retiring until I am at least 102 years old.  I currently have a son who is a senior at MVHS and another son who is a junior at College of Idaho where he also plays basketball, so I completely empathize with all of you parents out there :)  I teach Senior English (and take it very seriously that I am preparing them to go out into the "real world") and Junior Concurrent Credit Composition, English 101.  Please check the Team page for class assignments and the class documents section for instructions and handouts.  I am an e-mailaholic.  Feel free to e-mail any questions you have--- I will get back to you within the day!  

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