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Mrs. Sherry Belknap

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**In the effort to save you time and money, students will NOT NEED a 3 ring binder, batteries or pencil boxes or pouches (I provide those), but sanitizing wipes, bandaids, and ziplock bags of all sizes go like wildfire around here!!! Permanent markers should only be BLACK, and INSTEAD of "composition" notebooks, ONE Spiral notebook is preferred (since they are CHEAPER and lay flat for students to write in). Please limit the "marker  and crayon sets" to standard sized/amount sets for storage purposes. Please send in regular (NOT bendable or "toy" like) standard and easily readable rulers. 

**This year, extra effort will be made to organizing student materials so that they are kept SEPERATE for individual use. Desk space is LIMITED, so PLEASE consider this as you are purchasing supplies. Only send the MINIMUM requested supplies (like standard marker sets of 10 even though the 50 pack is cool). Any extra, not needed or already provided items will be sent back home. It is reccommended that you keep extra supplies on hand at home to replensih used up /lost/broken items throughout the year.

Dear Third Grade families,

The beginning of school is just around the corner and I can hardly wait to meet you! My name is Sherry Belknap and I welcome you to our 3rd grade class this year. Let me share a little bit about myself. I live in Middleton with my husband Matt (of nearly 30 years). We have two sons, Daniel (30) who lives and works in Seattle and Ryan (27) who travels around the country with his company from his home base in Panama City, Florida. We have two PRECIOUS grandsons named Camden (7) and Lyle (3) and our first PRECIOUS grandaughter Miliana (2). We LOVE our 2 year old English Bulldog "CHUNK Norris", 2 year old English WHITE labrador "Leroy Leafy Jones" and three cats like children (and they very much like being "mascots" for our class)! I love music and singing and play the guitar so we can sing together! I enjoy crocheting, vinyl crafting, crafts of all kinds, reading, fly fishing, and most of all spending time with my family.

My educational philosophy is that each child entrusted to my care deserves to feel valued and celebrated for their individual personalities, learning styles and the uniqueness that they bring to our classroom. Each child is worthy of my time, attention, and best efforts to provide what they need to the best of my ability, for every opportunity to reach the potential they possess. I will foster an environment of integrity and mutual respect through modeling those traits and communicating clear expectations. Students will be responsible for their decisions and behavior and will build problem solving and critical thinking skills as we explore an exciting year for learning, growing and transitioning from primary to intermediate grade levels. I will use a variety of teaching techniques as we move through curricular subjects to meet the various needs of differing learning styles, including technology, music, art, performance and movement. We will build an environment where students share ideas and learn from each other as well.

Communication between school and home is a key aspect to student success. Parent support and encouragement are a vital resource for me and each student. I highly value your involvement in your child’s education. Feel free to contact me when you have questions or concerns or even to share a positive experience or cute story. Contact by REMIND (I'll send out a sign up), email or note during school hours is my preferred method of communication as phone calls can become very disruptive to our learning environment. Please use these forms of communication whenever possible and reserve phone calls for emergency purposes. I will check email daily and will respond as quickly as is practical.


Mrs. Belknap


 PS: This school year will roll out differently because of the pandemic, but please know that every effort is being made to ensure connection, engagement and the richest possible 3rd grade experience that we can offer with the current limitations. It is IMPERATIVE that you keep in regular communication with me and I with you. We've all been already working hard for MONTHS preparing, but as it is still new and different, your patience, CONSTRUCTIVE and positive communication and LOTS of GRACE are coveted!!