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Brent Jons

Dear Student/Families,


          I am so excited you are going to be joining me in our classroom this year. I would like to welcome you and share some of the things we will be doing together this school year.

          Fifth grade is a very exciting time. We will work together to help strengthen and grow your understanding of mathematical concepts working with fractions and decimals. Your ability to practically apply the addition/subtraction and multiplication/division processes will increase as we build upon the knowledge you have acquired in previous grades.

          In language arts we will read a lot of different fiction and non-fiction works designed to help increase comprehension and practical application in writing projects. Word study will involve applying the new words you receive each week in a writing format of your choice.

           Our social studies focus this year will be on the founding of our nation. Focusing significantly on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and concluding with a study of the Civil War. History, especially United State history, is a passion of mine and I work to include the personal stories/challenges of those who sacrificed to create the system of government designed to protect our individual rights.

          Towards the end of the year we will prepare and perform our 5th grade program. This centers around the Civil War. The students will sing and perform telling the story of our nation's Civil War in a very thoughtful and moving way.

          Technology is a large part of our daily classwork. I have enough laptops for each student to use their own. We also incorporate a program that allows us to share from the laptops through the 4K TVs into daily learning. These help greatly in promoting student engagement and teaching 21st Century skills. The West Ada School district provides Microsoft Office 365 accounts for K-12 students. We will be learning how to use all of the services Microsoft Office provides incorporating them into the learning process. It has been accurately stated that this generation of children are natives to the digital world and that it comes naturally to them. I would agree the digital age does come naturally to them, however, their focus primarily tends to be the entertainment and social aspects. My goal is to present the practical, applicable side of the digital age to best prepare them for a successful present and future.

          In our classroom the children are allowed to sit on yoga balls during the day if they wish. Students must provide their own yoga ball if they would like to use it in our room. The yoga ball needs to be the 55cm size. This will be the 7th year of using them in the classroom and I can speak with certainty they greatly enhance the learning experience. They allow the students to move at their desks in a way that doesn't distract other students. This movement during the day greatly increases their level of focus.

          Here is a link to the district student hand book if you have any questions about school procedures. Student Handbook

          Here is a link to classroom supplies needed. Class Supplies

          In our classroom you will not need any 3 ring binders, composition notebooks, or dry erase markers. We will be using digital notebooks for the entire year.

          I look forward to meeting you and I know we will have an excellent year together.

Thank you,

Mr. Jons


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