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Hollie Fisher

You will be a part of my 23rd year of teaching.  Of those 23 years, I have taught seniors 18.  I love  teaching seniors, and I love teaching English.  The best thing about teaching seniors is watching you change and develop during the nine months you are in my classroom.  Over the many years of my career, my students named my classroom "The Fishbowl," so, welcome to the Fishbowl. 

        In order to understand why my classroom is a little bit crazy you need to understand a little bit about what happens outside the classroom.  I am the mom of four boys:  Garrett, age 14; Braeden, age 11 and my twin boys, Brandt and Gage at 10.  To say the least, my house is always loud, crazy, and chaotic.  My fifth child is my husband, Jeff, who usually starts it all.  I'm waiting for the day he grows up.  There really is never  a quiet moment in my house.  To add to the noise, I have two dogs, both male, Rascal, a mutt and mix of several breeds and Fletcher, a golden retriever. So, when it's a little bit crazy in the Fishbowl, you know why.