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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English/Education

Mrs. Eileen H Lindemood

One of my dreams is to be a competitive eater...but only foods that I like. I don't think I could eat pickled pigs feet.



Do you remember in the musical The Sound of Music (one of my favorites), Julie Andrews  sings"These are a few of my favorite things"? If I were to make my own song about my favorite things I would include: Frank Sinatra, crossword puzzles, walking my Brittany Spaniel (Dr. Watson), reading, watching spy movies, eating, drinking coffee (Starbucks-Iced Americanos with cream), hanging out with my kids, and cooking.  

Top five events of my life (so far) are: working at a Camp Perkins for 4 summers, traveling to Europe (England and France), getting married to a Director of Christian Education at Friendship Celebration Lutheran Church (Brett), having kids (Jonah(17) and Georgia(15)), and moving back to Idaho after a 16 year absence.

 My educational journey started at Liberty Elementary, East Jr High, Boise High School (1996 graduate) and ended at Concordia University in Irvine (2000 graduate).  I graduated from Concordia with a BA in English (Cum Laude).    I taught 2 years in California,  10 years in  Arizona and this is my 10th year at Rocky Mountain High School. 

 My number one expectation for all my students is to come to class ready to learn.  Not only be ready to learn the subject, but be ready and willing to learn how to be a life-time learner.   Learning should be a top priority during high school because the skills of producing motivation, curiosity, and tenacity will be an asset in the challenges every student will face in the real world.