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Mrs. W or Jessica

Hi! My name is Jessica Waldbillig.   I am entering my 8th year at Rocky Mountain High School teaching American Sign Language and 3rd year working with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing students!   You may call me Mrs. W or Jessica.  In Deaf Culture, we go by first name usually.  You will hear Mrs. W in the Rocky halls, that is OK too!  
I love teaching my students a new language especially sign language.  I love when I hear from other teachers how my students would sign across the room.  (opps!)  My favorite part of the class is to watch students have conversations with their classmates in sign language.  I have been married for (sixteen?) years and we have two girls, Jaden and Lucy AND a new baby boy, Carter Jameson.  
My family brings such an adventure to my life and I love to share our crazy family life with the class! 
My background in ASL, I was born profoundly Deaf.  I was raised to have total communication with my family (both oral and sign language, I rely on sign language and hearing aids to communicate).  I have a teacher's certification with an endorsement in ASL.  I am currently working on my Masters in Deaf Education (March 2020, thank goodness!!!)
My passion is to spread Deaf Awareness and get our kids (students) involved in the community as much as we can!  I currently teach ASL 2, ASL 3 and I have 4 classes with our DHH kids working on Study Skills and English. 
My website will have information and videos for you kids to look at. If you are unsure of something, see me in class and ask questions, I will be happy to help you!
Let's JUMP into our Deaf Culture and GROW your signing skills!