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Happy Earthday! The 50th annivarsary!!

I've added some new links and videos to explore:)

Welcome to my Science website, April and May remote learning 

Email me with any questions. I'm here to help.

Answer keys are under the assignment link.

There are many links that are fun to view. This is just to help you venture into new areas without worry of having to do work. Enjoy and explore:)

Unit 4 is all about the Solar System and the Universe. I have attached many links to fun videos on this topic. There are also virtual tours to muesums and zoos to investigate during your free time.

I am just starting this process, so keep checking back. Also, the Sawtooth home page has details on links to free ebooks. Check this out:)

Best wishes! Stay healthy. Mrs. B.




General information:

We have 4 units this year: 

1. Earth Systems

2. History of Earth: Geology 

3. Weather, Climate and the Atmosphere

4. Space

Homework: Science does not generally give homework, but students must study and learn the new vocabualry and unit outcomes to master new content. Homework may be necessary to complete classwork that was not finished.

Tests and quizzes may be retaken. We will have three quizes and a final for each unit. Students may retake quizes and tests, but need to complete a retake form, study and review notes and get a parent signature. Retakes must be completed within two weeks of the test/quiz unless otherwise prearranged. Evidence of additional study is required to retake a test.


Grading will be weighted as follows:

Daily assignments:10%

Labs and projects: 15%

Quizzes: 25%

Unit Tests: 50% 


Below is the student path to access the ebook:
1. go to- 
2. then- parent/student tab
3.  Educational Apps- click  Easy Bridge
student login:
username:  students school computer username followed by (example –
password:  students school computer password they use to log into a school computer


Westada Science Curriculum link

Our new book online! Elevate Science- Earth   


Grade and work cut-off dates are the week before the end of the quarter.

All work needs to be turned in by the cut off date.


 Please go to the calendar page for weekly assignments.

 Fun Science Videos on video links page. 

Did you Know?...Study Outcomes Pages and reviewing the science notebook notes are key to successful unit assessments. Reviewing outcomes and vocabulary should be a regular part of daily homework. 

Review video: School Jams