Mr. Thomas Agresti

Phone: 855-4200 ext. 1602


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Thomas Agresti


 Hi students and parents,

        I teach several different classes, life skills, drama, Lit. lab and advanced drama. If you have any questions feel free call or e-mail me at your earliest convenience. The time I spend preparing for classes is from 9:00 to 9:40; it's a good time to reach me. My grading practices follow the guidelines found in the Sawtooth handbook and as proscribed by the district.  In general, students can redo assignments once for the grade earned. If absent they are expected to study before taking the quiz. I'm availible M,T,TH,F during study hall for reteaching and administering quizzes. For all quizzes, students have been given time in class to study either alone or in pairs/trios. 



In short the redo policy is: Come in for 1 period of reteaching/studying during study hall, then on another day you may redo your quiz in study hall. The days you can come in to studyhall are M,T,Th,F. Wednesdays are out because it's too short.


Sawtooth's Grading Practices are as follows:

1. Grading categories are limited to: assessments, labs, projects and homework.

2. Homework/practice may make up a max. of 10% of a student's grade.

3. No extra credit will be given.

4. Items turned in for a grade will not be downgraded for being late. Work must be turned in by the quarterly late/missing work cutoff dates.

5. All items turned in for a grade can be redone with the exceptions of end of quarter and end of semester exams. Items redone will not be downgraded.