Mrs. Paula Crane

Phone: 208.855.4200


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Oregon Majored in General Science; Minors in Chemistry and Health Boise State University Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Mrs. Paula Crane

Welcome Students and Parents!   I was born and raised in Boise and have taught Science courses for thirteen years. I love being married and raising our two boys enjoying the outdoors and traveling here and abroad. 

In Life Science, we will be exploring the characteristics of living things (plants and animals).  Students will engage in discovery and inquiry learning in class and lab.  They will work in teams to explain to each other and think more deeply about real world Science phenomena.
1st semester:  Molecules to Organisms: Cell structure, cell processes, and organ systems.  Students will observe and create microscope slides, as well as dissect animals and plants (trout and organ lab with hearts & lungs). 
                  Heredity: Genetics and variation of traits.  Includes DNA structure, punnett squares, mitosis, meiosis (dissect flower parts: female and male) and researching genetic disorders.
2nd semester:  Biological Adaptations:  Unity, diversity and change over time.  Research artificial selection (cloning, G.M.O.'s) and natural selection (survival of the fittest).
                 Ecosystems:  Interactions, energy and ecological relationships of plants and animals.  Students will raise trout from egg stage and release them at fingerling stage, as well as explore pond water micro organisms.
It is a great privilege to be in a community with such caring and competent teachers and parents.  As you invest in your child’s development, I recognize the contributions that you as parent(s) offer to each child’s academic skill.  I welcome and encourage the array of talents and gifts you offer.  
For information on your child’s grades you can go to Power School or contact me by e-mail. Thanks!