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Mr. Kurt Dorn

Phone: 208-855-4200


Degrees and Certifications:

BA History MS Instructional and Performance Technology

Mr. Kurt Dorn


I am a 7th Grade World Civilizations teacher. I have been teaching here at Sawtooth Middle School since it opened up in 2004. I have been teaching World Civ. for that amount of time as well. I have also taught at Lake Hazel Middle School, Lowell Scott Middle School, and Jerome Middle School. I have been teaching for 19 years.

I am a Bronco, having graduated with a B.A. in History and a M.S. in Instructional and Performance Technology. 

In 7th grade, World Civ starts where 6th grade ended. This is what we will be covering this year.

Semester 1                            Semester 2

Renaissance                          Industrial Revolution

Scientific Revolution           Imperialism

Age of Explorers                  World War I

Age of Enlightenment         World War II

Age of Revolutions              Cold War

I will be using a variety of methods both in delivery of the information and the assessment of the information. The assignments will be weighted differently depending on the type.  You can access your student’s grades on Powerschool.

Homework/Schoolwork      - 10%

Quizzes / Project                -20%

Project                              - 30%

Tests                                 - 30%

Semester Test                    - 10%


Any late work will receive a maximum of 70% and must be turned in by the following deadlines:

  • Friday 10/20/16,     1/12/18,     

               3/16/1        5/25/18                   


All assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects may be without penalty.





The Westada School District is using a program called Schoolwires for teacher webpages. You can access this at http://www.westada.org/Dorn.




I will also be using the website called Edmodo. It is a website that will have the classes divided into their own pages It will be a collaborative tool for the students and communications tool between me and the students, as well as parents.

It provides a secure platform that ensures students safety and privacy

  • It is a Closed environment
  • No private information is required from the students
  • All communications are archived
  • I will have full management control

Here is the Vocabulary of the Day (VOD).



If you would not like your student to use Edmodo, just email and I will take them off of the site.