• I haven't forgotten about my parent volunteers! I sent out an email to the online volunteer sign-up that I am hoping will work. Also, if you are planning on helping with any copying, binding books, using die-cuts, etc, you will need to attend a training with Ms. Kim on either Sept. 18th at 9:15am or Sept. 19th at 4:15pm. This is especially necessary for our new, picky, picky copy machines.


    Agendas have continued coming home each day. The kids are doing a great job of writing in them every day. Please continue to encourage them to bring it to you for a signature.  Thank you!





    I've attached a flyer detailing the various ways to help with our school garden.  If you are able to help in any way, please let me, Ms. Dorian, or Mrs. Thornsberry know. Thank you!


     NOON DUTIES AND CROSSING GUARDS NEEDED! Call the main office if interested.  :)


    Does your child have headphones/earbuds at school??? 

    We are using several computer programs that require the use of headphones or earbuds. Please send some in for your child, if you haven't already done so.  Also, if you want to send in an extra pair of headphones for a child who might not have any, that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, I can't take "extra" earbuds, since these cannot be shared.  Thank you!




    I now have a couple of grades to enter into the gradebook, but the gradebook has changed so much that it is going to take just a bit of time for me to learn how this new one works.  I send home any graded material, so that might be your best bet for keeping tabs on your child's performance for just a bit. Remember that we are working with a different structure this year.  The only time your child will receive a "3" is when we are doing a final concept/standard check such as a Unit Test. All other assignments are leading up to the final expectation and will usually only be worth a 2. If you see 2/2, you'll know that your child performed where he/she should be performing at the time. I hope it doesn't get too confusing, but I'll try to answer questions, if you have them.  Thank you for your patience while we work through all this!



    Birthday Celebrations


    At Spalding, we work to follow the district's guidelines for healthy eating.  We celebrate all birthdays for the month on the last Friday of the month.  If your child has a birthday that month, feel free to send in treats on that day.  We usually celebrate at 1:35, but there are some months that scheduling is different and our celebration is at a different time of the day.  If possible, send in treats with your child at the start of the day. Then we have them here whenever we have the time for the celebration.  Also, we are only allowed to have one "sweet treat" for each party.  The other items must be healthy or non-food items (pencils, goodie bags, etc.)  If you are planning on sending the sweet treat with your child for his/her celebration, please email me to let me know.  That way, I can let you know if the sweet treat has already been spoken for. We have 24 students in our class. This month we will celebrate July and August birthdays on the 30th. A letter will come home with your child in the next few days.  :)



    I have a Wish List page on this site. If you are willing and/or able to contribute any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you! 

    Important Dates 
    9/16  Believe Fundraiser begins (packets with more info will come home then)

    9/27  Popcorn Friday

    9/27  Classroom Birthday party for September birthdays

    9/30  Kiss the Pig fundraiser drive starts

    9/30  Farmstead Farm to Plate worksheet due 

    10/7  Spalding Night at The Farmstead