The order form for yearbooks went home on Monday.  If you would like your child to have a yearbook at the end of the year, it must be purchased at this time.  Orders are due before we go on Track Break.  If you have several children who attend Spalding, a separate form and check must be filled out and sent in for each child.  Look for the form in your child's backpack.  I will also try to attach a copy to my Documents page.  I know you find a copy on the school's main webpage, as well.



    Information on Read Week will be coming home soon.  A quick rough idea of daily celebrations is as follows.    Monday - wear stripes    Tuesday - wear a shirt showing some place you have been or would like to go   Wednesday - pajamas    Thursday - crazy socks.   Be looking for more information from your child's teacher in the near future.


    UPDATE***  I have a couple of bottles of the Clorox wipes now (Thank you!), but we only have two boxes of Kleenex.  We're going to need more, if possible!***

    YIKES!  We are completely out of Kleenex in my classroom! We are also on our last little container of Clorox type wipes.  The Clorox wipes are really handy in this cold/flu season. I can easily wipe down a desk or fifteen, as well as cleaning door handles, door jams, all sorts of germy little areas! If you are able to send in any Kleenex or Clorox wipes, it would be greatly appreciated!


    Along the same line...

    Many students are running low (or are already OUT) of supplies that we use every day in class.  Please check with your child to make sure they have enough pencils, glue sticks (MOST need these!), erasers, scissors, etc.  Also, if your child is bringing applesauce, yogurt, etc. please, please make sure you send a spoon in with it! I've been through a couple of boxes of them already!  :) 

    Thank You!


    The new boxtop competition has begun and will continue through Feb. 27th.  Please save your boxtops and send them in to school with your kiddo.  If you can, separate the boxtops into baggies of 25, with your child's name and his/her teacher's name on the baggie.  For every 25 boxtops submitted, the student will receive a ticket for the raffle of a free yearbook.  The class with the most boxtops wins a scavenger hunt in their classroom, and for every 50 boxtops, a heart will be placed on our Boxtop Bulletin board.  Send in whatever you have! Every little one helps!  Thank you!

    Idaho Power Kits

    ****UPDATE****  I have received several of the workbooks back.  THANK YOU!  I still need to have about 18-20 more kiddos turn theirs in for us to get our $100 mini-grant.  Please take a minute to complete the two short surveys and send it back to school with your child in the next week or two.  Thanks!

    Today, your child brought home a kit from Idaho Power and a Take-Home Workbook that goes with the kit.  There are directions in the kit and in the workbook, but in a nutshell, this program is gifted to our classes by Idaho Power to encourage students and families to become active and proactive in saving energy in their own home.  This program is NOT required for a grade and will NOT be counted as missing work.  You are also NOT required to do all the activities in the booklet or use all the materials in order to participate.  You may choose to use everything, nearly everything, or just a lightbulb. It all counts as "participation" for our class.  There is a short, multiple choice type survey at the front of the workbook (pp. 1-3) and another at the back of the workbook (pp.38-41)  If you would complete these surveys and return the workbook to school with your child by March 2nd, our class will receive a $100 mini-grant for classroom supplies/programs.  This is SUCH a simple way to earn some money for our room!  The inside computations of the workbook do not need to be completed for your participation to count (although they are great learning opportunities when parents complete with their child).  The kit and all its contents are yours to keep, even if you do not send back the workbook. (But please do!)

    Again, use any or all of the materials.  Complete any workbook computations that interest you.  Fill out the two surveys in the workbook.  Send the workbook back to school with your child.  We receive $100!  Simple!   If you have any questions, please let me know.



    Birthday Celebrations


    ****UPDATE _ Due to Track Break, we will be celebrating February and March birthdays together on Friday, March 2nd.  If you have a child with a February or March birthday, please bring in treats (if you want) on that day.  Thank you!***

    At Spalding, we work to follow the district's guidelines for healthy eating.  We celebrate all birthdays for the month on the last Friday of the month.  If your child has a birthday that month, feel free to send in treats on that day.  We usually celebrate at 2:50, but there are some months that scheduling is different and celebration is at a different time of the day.  If possible, send in treats with your child at the start of the day. Then we have them here whenever we have the time for the celebration.  Also, we are only allowed to have one "sweet treat" for each party.  The other items must be healthy or non-food items (pencils, goodie bags, etc.)  If you are planning on sending the sweet treat with your child for his/her celebration, please email me to let me know.  That way, I can let you know if the sweet treat has already been spoken for.  Lastly, we have some allergies in our classroom. If your child is one with allergies,  on the last Friday of each month, please send in something that is okay for your child to have while we have the celebration.  It is simpler and safer than checking everything that other families might send in.  We have 30 students in our class.



    The district is having some difficulties with the new grading program and report cards. We will let you know when report cards are ready for viewing.  I remind you that you may always look at PowerSchool to monitor your child's classroom work/grades at any time.


    We have several allergies in our classroom.  These allergies are all "ingestion" allergies, not "exposure" allergies, meaning the child does not have problems with OTHER children having these items in the room, but only has problems if they ingest the item themselves. Even so, I feel that it is important for parents to be aware of the allergies that are present in our room.  We have allergies to peanuts, almonds, coconut, watermelon, olives, and tree nuts.  I am asking that the parents of children with allergies send in treats for their own child to have during parties and celebrations rather than asking all other parents to monitor what they send in with their child(ren). So if your child doesn't have these allergies, please do not feel that you need to alter snacks or treats that you send in.


    I have a Wish List page on this site. If you are willing and/or able to contribute any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you! 

    Important Dates 
    Early Release - Feb. 22
    February/March Classroom Birthday Celebration- March 2
    Book Fair - Feb. 23, Feb. 26-28, March 1-2
    Idaho Power workbooks due - March 2
    Last Day before Track Break - March 8
    STEM Night  - March 8
    TRACK BREAK - March 9-April 1
    Back to School - April 2
    Spring Music Concert/Performance - April 11