• Class Annoucements and Updates 
    Thank you for all the help we have had in our class over the last couple of weeks with two field trips and Field Day.  I appreciate it so much!  As the school year is coming to a close, I want you to know how thankful I am to have been able to teach your kiddos this year!  This class has been so much fun to teach; watching them learn and grow throughout the year has been a privilege!  I hope you all have a wonderful summer!
    Upcoming Dates to be aware of:

    6/11- Field Day

    6/12- Care Package Due

    6/12-6/13- S.T.E.M. camp during school hours

    6/14- Last Day of School, Family Picnic (Early release at 1:25)

    I Can Statements- these are the student's learning goals they are working on in class:
    Language Arts-
    I can demonstrate understanding of fiction and non-fiction text on a comprehension test
    I can complete the writing process with an informational piece of writing
    I can relate decimals to fractions
    Science (during the entire second semester)-

    I can …

    · Identify materials which are conductors and insulators

    · Describe the difference between conductor and insulators

    · Describe how magnet exert force

    Social Studies (during the entire second semester)-
    I can compare and contrast national, state, tribal, and local government

    I can identify and explain the 3 branches of Idaho’s government

    I can explain how Idaho’s geography guides our economy

    I can identify major natural resources of Idaho

    I can identify the major groups and individuals and their motives in the westward expansion and settlement of Idaho; specifically miners, Chinese immigrants, George Grimes, and Elias Pierce

    I can describe the role of the discovery of gold and silver in the settlement of Idaho

    I can analyze and describe the various conflicts between settlers and American Indians and the impact they had on the tribes

    I can analyze and describe the significant events that led to Idaho becoming a state

    I can describe technological advancements associated with mining and the railroad and the effect they had on the economic growth of Idaho

    I can create the illusion of form or volume with line
    I can use shapes to create negative and positive space
    Monday- Library
    Tuesday- P.E.
    Wednesday- Computer and P.E.
    Thursday- Health and Music
    Friday- Music