There will be no homework assigned to students for the weeks of

    April 13- May 10 due to testing.

    I would like the students to practice their math facts and read during this time.  Students need to feel well rested and eat a good breakfast.

    Here is the testing schedule for my class. (Remember this could change).  I am sharing this with you so that you are aware of when your student(s) are testing.


    May 9 – ISAT Math


    May 7 – Traditional IRI


    Istation IRI- unknown but will be after the Traditional IRI.


    Thank you for helping prepare and support your student during this time.



    Our class is in need of more tissue.  If you would like to send your student with some more boxes of tissue that would be amazing. 

     Our class has a field trip to the Botanical Gardens on June 5.  Permission slips went home on May 9th, 2018.   We are asking for a donation of 2.50 for each student, if you can donate that or extra for those students that can't dontate, we would appreciate it.  Thank you!





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