• Welcome to our ASL Club Page! 

    What do ASL club members do?

    They work really hard, they sweat and they cry! No, just kidding, They are a bunch of amazing kids who are very motivated to achieve their goal at the end of the year.  Our club's purpose is to give back to our Deaf community in terms of fundraising and volunteering services! We love hosting ASL summer camps and it is a GREAT fundraiser! This past summer we had about 175 kids attend our camp! It was amazing! 

    We meet once a month to play ASL games, mingle, sign up for things, vote, and plainly just have fun! Our ASL club information will now on be on papers handed out to you guys and on this webpage so keep checking back for updated information every month.

    If you are interested joining, sign up for remind 101 and you will get notifications of when our meetings would be as well as on the Deaf Events Calendar.

    Remind 101 phone numner #81010

    In the text box type in: @rockyasl18

    Thank you!