• Need to contact the PTA?


    Email us at PTASiena@gmail.com or click on the link below. 


    You can also like and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ptasiena


    Interested in volunteering? Have an event you would love to run? Please reach out!! We love your support and suggestions. 



              Your Current Siena PTA Board

    President                               Alison Radcliffe

    Future President                  Lori Seely            

    Past President                      Michelle Verdugo

    VP of Events                         Stacy Berenger

    VP of Membership              Teri Harris

    Treasurer                              Kali Komoda

    Communications                 Trisha Garcia - Brown

    Secretary                               Zetta Simpson

    Advocacy Chair                    Cathy Becker

    Donations                             Cambrie Judd