• Crossroads plans a variety of activities to keep students involved and motivated.  We love to celebrate our student accomplishments!  After school sports are available for students at their home schools. 
    Below are just some of the activities we have for our students.

    This class instills leadership qualities in students and focuses on positive interactions and activities in school and the community.

    All School Read
    Every student and staff member reads a copy of the same book.

    Builder's Club
    A student service organization that focuses on community service and helping in the school environment.  Some activities include:  Rake Up Meridian, Treasure Trove, making comfort blankets for law enforcement.
    Library Advisory Board
    A student group that helps the school librarian on reading selection and library activities.
    Fuel Up To Play
    A student advisory group that focuses on physical activity and positive health choices.
    Spirit Assemblies are held quarterly to recognize students for activities and promote school spirit.
    Awards Assemblies
    Semester awards assemblies recognize student achievements in academics, attendance, and behavior.
    There are 4 school dances per year.  Dances occur during the school day.
    Cougar Time
    Cougar Time is a special activity for students who are on the highest behavior level with no IP work.  Students get the choice of two different activities (sports, games, art, etc.) to participate in during an 80 minute time period.
    Students of the Month
    Students are nominated each month for their hard work in academics and character.  Nominees are recognized in a special celebration and 2 students per grade level are selected as the Students of the Month.