Mission, Vision and Collective Commitments

  • The Foundation of McMillan Elementary 


    Mission: Our collective mission is that all students will learn at high levels. 

    Vision: In order to achieve our mission, we will become a school that 

    • Empowers students to take ownership and direct their own learning 
    • Develops learner dispositions in students and staff  
    • Makes learning visible through high leverage and well researched instructional practices  
    • Understands the power of Collective Teacher Efficacy and commits to practices that reflect this 

    Commitments: In order to carry out our vision, we will commit to 

    • Engaging in the PLC process, which includes:   
    • Identifying the most important standards  
    • Identifying and sharing research-based instructional strategies to ensure greater learning of the prioritized standards 
    • Writing and/or studying and implementing common formative assessments of the identified essential standards with established success criteria and calibrated scoring 
    • Collaboratively analyzing data and responding accordingly to student results 

     As evidenced by PLC Notes and Record Sheet of Student Data shared during MTSS (RTI) meetings 

    • Setting short term student achievement goals within your PLC and share goals, progress, and results with students 

    As evidenced by quarterly reporting of student progress at staff meetings 

    • Increasing teacher and student clarity of learning through clear learning intentions, success criteria with an emphasis on co-construction, exemplars,  student goal setting and learning progressions  

    As measured by clarity linking walks 

    • Directly teaching learning dispositions during morning meeting, infusing the dispositions throughout the instructional day, and intentionally engaging students in productive struggle (learning pit) so students can apply both dispositions and effective learning strategies. 

    As measured by learner disposition linking walks which include student voice and observation  

    • Continue to improve our instructional practice through  
    • Goal setting using the FIT model  

    As evidenced by PLP or publicly posted goal 

    • Observing other teachers    
    • Engaging in professional dialogue and reflection post observation 

    As evidenced by instructional rounds, peer to peer observation and feedback, individual video reflection , and principal walk-throughs