• Our collective mission is to ensure that all students learn at high levels each year.


  • We will become a school where staff:

    • Effectively collaborates to determine essential learning, utilizes and analyzes common formative assessments and corresponding results, and instructs accordingly
    • Uses ongoing student achievement data to inform instruction in order to ensure that all students grow
    • Requires students to self-monitor and set learning goals, and ensure students actively persevere to achieve their goals
    • Connects with families to communicate critical knowledge about effective home practices needed for school success
    • Provides a safe, positive learning environment for all students and staff


    1. Do your fair share; Be an active participant; Follow through with responsibilities
    2. Be an active, respectful listener (no side conversations or interruptions)
    3. Show professional respect; Be open-minded and make people feel valued and included
    4. Start, end and be on time; Stay on-task and on topic

Collective Commitments:

    1. I will establish and honor agreed upon team norms, and responsibly reflect on my adherence to them.
    2. I will diligently work with my Professional Learning Community and consistently use the Common Formative Assessment cycle, including…
      • Identifying and unpacking priority standards
      • Writing and administering CFAs with established success criteria
      • Intentionally using research-based instructional strategies which align with established essential learning
      • Using common data formatively to enrich or intervene in order for all students to learn and grow
      • Using student achievement data to self-reflect and collaboratively determine/discuss effective instructional practices
      • Analyzing and reflecting on quality, alignment, and effectiveness of CFAs
    3. I will strive to make learning visible for my students by…
      • Sharing learning targets and success criteria with them.
      • Teaching students how to frequently self-reflect.
      • Providing students with timely and actionable feedback on their achievement/performance.
      • Teaching students how to set SMART goals, and how to make a plan to accomplish it.
    4. I will teach students to communicate the content they are learning and their progress with their families
    5. I will regularly communicate with families about what students are learning and what home practices can support learning.
    6. I will consider the needs of students and their families to determine the most effective communication methods.
    7. I will adhere to McMillan’s School-Wide Positive Behavior Intervention Support Plan including Teach To’s and 3:1 positive to corrective interactions with students.
    8. I will intentionally build and reinforce a strong classroom and school community where students and adults value and respect one another.