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    Members of NHS meet the second Tuesday of every month before school in the auditorium at 7:00am. This year’s President is Jack Wolthius, and the President Elect is Samantha Thompson. Other officers include: Shannon Cambron (Senior Representative), Taylor Schreiner (Junior Representative), Hannah Brugger (Relay for Life), Joe Aydelotte (Historian), Natalie Dewitt (Read with Me), Payton Price (Settler's Park Movie Night), Darby Knudsen (Linder Road Clean-up), Joey McKinney (Christmas Family), Ethan Thomas (Hunter PTA), and Morgan Polfer (Zoo Boise).


    Membership in National Honor Society is not automatic. Membership is offered to qualifying sophomores and juniors on an invitation-only basis. In the spring, all sophomores and juniors who have a 3.7 cumulative gpa are given a letter of invitation. If they choose to, they complete a Student Activity Form. They are also required to provide recommendation forms to six individuals (three core teachers, two elective teachers, and one individual of their choice - counselor, coach, advisor, community member). These forms must be turned in by a specific deadline for the student to be considered for membership. A five-member Faculty Council (selected by the Principal) carefully review Student Activity and Recommendation forms. Once students are selected for membership by a majority vote of the Faculty Council and approved by the Principal, students are sent a Letter of Selection. An Induction Ceremony will take place in May. All two-year members of NHS who have met all requirements specified in the Chapter Bylaws, will wear a stoll at graduation and will also receive an NHS letter.



         What Honor Society Can Do For You:

    • You will be a recognized member of a national academic organization

    • You will receive special recognition at graduation

    • You will be able to contribute your academic talents to the student body

    • You will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will promote leadership in your school and community

    • You will receive information about college and scholarship opportunities


      What You Must Do For Honor Society:

    • Maintain your high standards of academic success (minimum 3.7 GPA)

    • Attend monthly meetings

    • Perform 20 hours of recognized service projects each year including: 8 club sponsored community service project hours and 12 individual service hours

    • Promote academic leadership in the school

    • Maintain exemplary character on and off campus

    • Pay annual membership dues of $15.00 before the spring induction ceremony