Foundational Routines to Finish Strong

  • On PowerSchool, you should be checking grades and attendance on a regular basis.

    (1) Make sure you are in good standing with attendance and tardies - clear absences immediately.

    • Remember that you are allowed only three (3) unwaived absences per class per semester. If you go over, you may lose credit in that class.    

    • Serve tardy detentions within a week.

    (2) Know where you are with your grades by checking powerschool at least once a week. 

    • Schedule devoted time to any course that is near failing or currently failing.

    • Use the time to improve scores to passing so you can earn course credit and graduate. 



Assistant Principal and Counselors

STUCO Representatives

  • ASB Presidents : Kenzie Smith and Brody Tomlinson

    ASB Vice President: Halley Hoellwarth

    ASB Director of Marketing: Liv Taylor

    ASB Co-Sentator: Keely Vatcher


    Senior Class President: Ellie Friedt

    Senior Class Vice President: Hannah Szychulda

    Senior Secretary: Morgan Kaylor

    Senior Treasurer: Carter Kemp

    Senior Representatives: 

    • Tyler Smith
    • Ellie Moss
    • Sydney Beck