• Every year it seems, that which is asked of one class is slightly different from older classes and younger classes. 

    PSAT – Many sophomore students take the PSAT during their 10th grade year so they can take the SAT as practice their 11th grade year. See the College & Career page for more information.

    Attendance Reminder – Students may not miss more than 3 classes per semester or they will lose credit for the class. This does not count doctor visits, funerals, approved advanced absence, and other waived absences.

    Work hard, be kind!

Assistant Principal and Counselors

  • Assistant Principal:Johnny Hullinger
    Counselors are assigned by a student's last name
    Counselors are assigned by a student's last name
    A-Coh: Ame Trull
    Coi-Hik: Karen Evans
    Hil-Me: Brad Hadley
    Mi-Sh: Leanne Kendall
    Si-Z: Francesca Murphy
  • Graduation Requirements

    Joint School District No.2 high schools are accredited by both the State of Idaho and the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools. As a member of these associations, Meridian Schools meet the requirements for graduation as established by both of these organizations. Graduation requirements are listed below. 

    Class of 2015 and beyond
    English 8 credits
    Speech/Debate 1 credit
    Mathematics 6 credits**
    Lab Science 6 credits*
    Global Perspectives 1 credit
    U.S. History 4 credits
    American Government 2 credits
    Economics 1 credit
    Physical Education 2 credits
    Health 1 credit
    (foreign language, music, visual arts, drama) 2 credits
    Electives 24+ credits
    Total 56 credits

    Students must also be proficient on ISATs and the Senior Project. 
    *Shall include instruction in Biology; Physical Science or Chemistry; Earth, Space, Environmental, or an approved applied science. 
    **Students must also be proficient in Geometry and take/pass 2 credits of math their senior year.

    How does a junior know they are on track to graduate? 
    Counselors meet individually with their juniors in the Spring to do a Junior Conference. At this time counselors evaluate transcripts to make sure all graduation requirements are met. Seniors are surveyed to discuss post high school plans and whether they have taken a college entrance exam (ACT or SAT). Students are supplied the forms to register for ACT and SAT if applicable. Credits are reviewed and schedules are adjusted for missing classes. If there are missing classes, then a plan is implemented so the credits can be taken through correspondence or night school.

    Is it possible to graduate early? 
    Yes, students may decide to graduate a semester or a year early. Students who are interested in graduating early must meet with their counselor to be sure they meet the eligibility criteria and make a graduation plan. Parents are encouraged to attend the meeting so they have a clear picture of what is expected. If the student is graduating a year early, then they must write a letter to the principal for confirmation and get permission to take senior classes.