• Please print off this form and fill out the Application form as well.
    If your son/daughter is currently a student in West Ada School District, this form is to be filled out by the counselor of your student's home high school.
    If your son/daughter is currently not a student in West Ada School District, use this form as a check off sheet for all the required information needed to enroll.
  • Central Academy Checklist

    The following information must be submitted with the application.

    • Application Form

    • Transcript

    • Current Schedule (if applicable)

    Please have your current counselor provide you with the information below where applicable.

    Current IEP:  YES or NO
    IEP Service Area:____________________
    Written Language discrepancy:__________
    Math discrepancy:__________
    Reading discrepancy:__________

    Current 504: YES or NO

    ISAT Scores:
    Math __________
    Language __________
    Reading __________

    Math Placement Recommendation: __________________

    * If the student is on an IEP, a transition meeting must be scheduled.