Principal's Corner

  • In life, in business, and even in education, the difference between good and great is usually reflected in one's ability to go the extra degree. Nothing exemplifies this point better than this powerful analogy: At 211 degrees water is hot; at 212 degrees it boils and creates steam--and steam can power a locomotive. The extra degree makes all the difference.

    Our goal at Lowell Scott Middle School is to challenge each of our students and staff to go "the extra degree" in pursuing excellence, from academics to athletics to music to relationships to citizenship. For an inspirational look at the powerful 212 degree concept, visit

    Under the direction of committed and qualified staff, Lowell Scott students excel in many extracurricular and co-curricular activities including the academic clubs, the arts, music, and athletics. We spotlight each of these areas regularly and celebrate student learning, growth, and academic achievement in a variety of ways. We also encourage and promote participation in student-facilitated community service projects.

    OUR NEW MISSION STATEMENT: Motivating learners to embrace the knowledge, skills, and culture required to become contributing citizens of both their local and global community.

    Linda Ventura
    Lowell Scott Middle School Principal