Procurement Department

  • The West Ada School District conducts all purchasing and procurement in accordance with all applicable sections of Idaho Code § 33, 54, 59, & 67.

    To access the new Bonfire e-Procurement platform:

    Archived Solicitations before 1/1/2022 can be accessed using the left side navigation menu or links provided below:

    Purchases requiring bids are done at the district level.

    Small purchases of supplies and equipment (under $10,000) are done at the individual buildings using existing contracts, cooperative agreements, or informal quotes.

    The district encourages open and impartial competition in its purchasing and procurement.

    To accomplish this, the Procurement Department:
    • Contact vendors directly
    • Advertises formal bids in the local newspaper
    • Makes bid information available on our website
    • Makes public works bid information available through local plan rooms
    • Allows vendors to contact our offices to inquire about current solicitations 

    Purchases requiring bids are separated into two basic categories:

    - Personal Property
    - Public Works

    PERSONAL PROPERTY bids request the supply of goods and/or services to be used by various departments in the district. Notice of these bid opportunities are published in the local newspaper and information concerning these bids is listed on this site.

    PUBLIC WORKS bids are those which entail construction, maintenance, and repair of real property. Information concerning these bids is listed on this site. Plans, specifications, and submittal documents may be obtained from the architect or construction manager. Plans, specifications, and submittal documents are also available for inspection at various plan rooms as listed in the Advertisement for Bids.

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    Contact the district purchasing department:
    phone- 208-855-4500, fax @ 208-350-5957, or by E-mail.