Picture of the West Ada School District Service Center - DSC
    1303 E Central Drive Meridian, ID 83642
    Phone: (208) 855-4500
    Fax: (208) 350-5962
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    Superintendent:  Dr. Mary Ann Ranells

    Chief Communication Officer: Eric Exline
       General information; attendance area questions;  levy election information; public record requests

    Clerk of the Board: Cheri Newbold
       Board meetings; board minutes; meetings with Superintendent Ranells

    Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning: Don Nesbitt
      Curriculum, Assessment, Federal Programs
    Assistant Superintendent, Operations: Joe Yochum
      Facilities, Construction, Health Services, Transportation, School Nutrition 
    Regional Directors: (School Regions List)
       School-based questions or concerns; open enrollment requests
    North Region: Geoff Stands
    East Region: Marcus Myers
    West Region: Dave Moser
    South Region: Dr. Mandy White
    Student Achievement/Curriculum:
       Curriculum or instruction questions or comments 
    Director: Bret Heller
    Arts Coordinator: Cara Hinkson
    Social Studies, PE, and Health Coordinator: Lori Gash
    English Language Arts Coordinator: Laura Knutson
    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Coordinator: Chris Stoker
    Library Coordinator: Dennis Hahs
    Coordinator of Virtual School House: Charles Maxwell
    Administrator of Professional Development: Jennifer Fletcher
    GT and World Languages Coordinator: Cara Hinkson


    Business Operations:
       Accounts payable; purchasing; district expenditures; tax levy questions
    Chief Finance Officer & Board Treasurer: Jonathan Gillen
    Purchasing Agent: Michael Carrithers


    Human Resources:
       Hiring, Job openings, Job descriptions 
    Chief Human Resources Officer:  Dave Roberts
    Education Foundation of the West Ada School District 
              Executive Director: Bernadette Sexton
              Phone: 208-350-5039
              Cell: 208-867-0774
    Human Resources/Payroll:
         HR Website
    HR General Phone: (208)350-4431
            Payroll Phone: (208)350-5018 
            Fax: (208)350-5961
            Personnel SupervisorLaurie McCormick
            Payroll Supervisor Carrie Jenkins 
    Information Systems:
     Chief Technology Officer: Devan Delashmutt
    Food Services/School Nutrition:
    Phone: (208) 855-4575
    Fax: (208) 350-5963
    Contact: TBD

    Assessment and Testing:
    Phone: (208) 350-5062
    Fax: (208) 350-5970
    Contact: Joe Kelly

    Counseling Services & Drug Education:
    Phone: (208) 855-4500
    Fax: (208) 350-5959
    Coordinator: Jeanne Buschine
    Health Services:
    Phone: (208) 855-4500
    Fax: (208) 350-5959
    Contact: Tracey Garner

    Substitute Placement:
    Phone: (208) 887-6062 
    Fax: (208) 350-5965 
    Contact: Cheryl Botkin

    Special Services/Education:
    Phone: (208) 855-4400
    Fax: (208) 350-5964
    Contact: Ramona Lee

    ELL Intake Center:
    Phone: (208) 350-5100
    Fax: (208) 350-5956

    Title I:
    Phone: (208) 350-5053
    Fax: (208) 350-5970

    Career & Technical Magnet Programs:
    Phone: (208) 350-5175
    Contact: Staci Low 
    Picture of the West Ada School District Maintenance Shop2301 E. Lanark Street
    Meridian, ID 83642
    Phone: (208) 888-4320
    Fax: (208) 888-5117

    Picture of a School Bus Cascade Transportation Company
    50 N. Ward Avenue
    Meridian, ID 83642

    District Liaison:
    Ian Updike
    Phone: 208-350-5014

    For a full listing of all our school and links to their web pages,
    please go to the Directory of Schools page.