• Mr. Appell, Mr. Creek , Ms. Moss, and Mr. Valley  welcome you to Physical Education at LCMS.

    For details on policies please review the syllabus here SYLLABUS


    • All absences require a make-up.
    • There are two options for make up assignments:
    • Hardcopy of the PE Makeup Form absence sheets are provided for you in the both the girls and boys locker rooms.
    • All absences made up on the provided form must be in completed sentences and signed by a parent.
    • Make Up assignments must be returned during the sports unit when the absence occurred or within a week of the absence.
    • Absences that are not made up result in a loss of points for each day missed.


    • LCMS students are required to dress in appropriate athletic apparel every day. 
    • Students may purchase an LCMS dry fit uniform for $22.00 tax included, which consists of navy blue shorts and a grey or blue/heathered shirt. See example below-LCMS PE UNIFORM
    • Shorts - $9.80
    • Dry fit T-Shirt - $12.20
    • Students purchasing uniforms on their own need to have appropriate athletic attire.  See example below- 
    • PE Uniform

    Other PE Uniform options

    • All students must wear shoes that cover their entire foot.
    • All shorts must adhere to the LCMS dress code for length
    • Sweats are optional; students may wear any sweat or yoga pants. 

    Click to purchase a school unifrom on myschoolfees.com

    *Note: In order to create a myschoolfees.com acount you will need your student's school ID number. (this number can be found on powerschool or contact LCMS by phone @(208) 350-4270